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What we’re looking for above all is stories! Relevant, unique, moving, fun stories that get people thinking and talking with each other. The accent is on how people are shaping the world today.


We’re looking for insightful, daring, caring documentaries with a universal message. The films have to tell a story that is not otherwise being seen, or hardly being seen. We believe the power of documentary film is to reveal and enlighten.


Our priority is to look for films of a short format, say of around 10-20 minutes in length. That said, we do not have a rigid limit on time.

Your film is not being seen, or too little.

You want it to be seen by a massive audience.

You own the rights or the film is royalty-free.

The film matches 99’s guidelines.

Propose it!


If 99 gives your film the green light, with your agreement we’ll adapt it in six languages, show it on the 99 site and promote it through our social networks and media partners.


If 99 chooses to run with your film we do not ask for any exclusivity. You are still free to pursue other means of showing your film. You can even use 99’s adaptation work freely. We only ask that your film stay online with the 99 site, and grant us the possibility to make it still more visible through additional language adaptations.


Any pay-what-you want donation from you proposing a film will be welcome as we take it through the consideration phase.

Lukas Schrank |

“I made an English-language documentary which addressed a global issue. The film gained a lot of exposure on the internet after a successful festival run, but somewhere along the line I realised that there was a large part of the audience that was missing”.


“ translated the film into 5 additional languages at no cost, ultimately helping the film reach a much wider audience, and become globally relevant. Films are made to be seen, and reaching an international audience like this is invaluable”.


Lukas Schrank, filmmaker, “Nowhere Line”


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