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All you need are subtitles.”

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What you get

  • €100 (flat fee, non-exclusivity).
  • Multilingual subtitling and streaming on 99.media, without any advertising. We will NOT monetize your film.
  • Your interview, published below your film, translated into all our languages.
  • Promotion through social media, newsletters and international media partners.
  • Paid screenings around the world to reach new audiences (revenue share 50/50).

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We’re here and happy to help.


What we’re looking for above all is stories! Relevant, unique, moving stories that get people thinking and talking with each other.

We’re looking for insightful, daring, caring documentaries with a universal message.

The films have to tell a story that is not otherwise being seen, or hardly being seen since we believe the power of documentary film is to reveal and enlighten.

  • Non-fiction only.
  • Short films (1-20 minutes).
  • We require films to have ALL necessary rights secured for us to feature them.
  • Please provide us with English subtitles if necessary.

Still have questions? Please contact us → [email protected]
We’re here and happy to help.

What filmmakers say

Sarah Baril Gaudet | 99.media
Sarah Baril Gaudet


“Having my short documentary film adapted into several languages gives it a great opportunity to be more widely seen, gives it a second wind, and a chance to reach a new audience. 99’s mission gives a democratic voice to the auteur documentary, which is not seen enough in our industry. I admire that, and I think we need that.”

Andy Oxley | 99.media
Andy Oxley


My short documentary film was translated into 5 languages by 99, which helped it gain a lot more exposure and massively increased its global reach. I have a lot of respect for, and trust in the team, who has always dealt with me in a professional and honest fashion and who I believe has a real passion for short film and a lot of respect for filmmakers.”

Iris Zaki | 99.media
Iris Zaki


“I love 99! Because, essentially, I believe that language is a barrier. And for people for whom English is not their first language – even if they do understand it – reading English subtitles keeps them at a distance from what they’re watching. In short, when you read things in your own language, your mind, and your heart, are more receptive to the content.”

Jenny Gao | 99.media
Jenny Gao


“It’s an honour to be featured on 99 and to have my short documentary film translated into so many languages since the spirit of this doc is to show that the power of character and emotional connection can transcend language and culture.”

Lukas Schrank | 99.media
Lukas Schrank


“I made an English-language documentary which addressed a global issue. The film gained a lot of exposure on the internet after a successful festival run, but somewhere along the line I realised that there was a large part of the audience that was missing. 99 translated the film into 5 additional languages, ultimately helping the film reach a much wider audience, and become globally relevant. Films are made to be seen, and reaching an international audience like this is invaluable.”

Victoria Fiore | 99.media
Victoria Fiore


“I am so grateful to you all at 99 for bringing my short documentary film to a wider range of audiences, and connecting us through the universal language of story! Thank you!”

Anne Milne | 99.media.jpg
Anne Milne


“It has been a pleasure to work with 99 and it is particularly wonderful that my short documentary film is available in several languages. Everyone wants as wide an audience for their films as possible. Making films more accessible to viewers around the world is definitely one of the reasons I am proud to show my film on 99.”

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