In Arkansas, there’s a mine where everyone’s welcome to dream of finding a diamond. But whilst we dig, where do our minds wander?

Pitting his life against deadly falls, Kirill scales Moscow’s skyscrapers. Embracing this emptiness, he flees the grip of military service.

In a Mumbai apartment, a tyrant rooster holds sway over a whole family. Whatever he says goes. What fate should await this cocky housemate?

Lilly lives in a forest commune but her folks will soon move to a townhouse. Will she put down new roots, this little nine-year-old?

In South Korea, Samsung is a state within a state. Its Orwellian ubiquity gives rise to a local nickname: “The Samsung Republic”.

Connected via wireless intercom, Krzyś and Wiola fly together down ski runs. Krzyś is blind and relies on his wife’s instructions.