Every day at 5am, marathon runner Abbas Sheikh gets up to go running in the streets of Mumbai. And that’s just the start of a long day ahead…

Hidden behind her nets, nothing escapes Yvette’s attention. This erstwhile Parisian caretaker certainly calls a spade a spade…

Tunis, November 2019. On the eve of the presidential election, customers at Saïda's hairdressing salon are abuzz. Which candidate to go for?

Gathered around the kitchen table, Carol films her dad, mum and sister. Feelings long held under rise to the surface.

Donovan is a “forensic cleaner” in Mexico City. A vocation he has carried for 20 years that fleetingly binds him to victims’ families.

Forcing opponents out of the ring: Tuvsho thinks of nothing else. This young Mongolian girl is determined to become a sumo champion.

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