In a Mumbai apartment, a tyrant rooster holds sway over a whole family. Whatever he says goes. What fate should await this cocky housemate?

Lilly lives in a forest commune but her folks will soon move to a townhouse. Will she put down new roots, this little nine-year-old?

In South Korea, Samsung is a state within a state. Its Orwellian ubiquity gives rise to a local nickname: “The Samsung Republic”.

Connected via wireless intercom, Krzyś and Wiola fly together down ski runs. Krzyś is blind and relies on his wife’s instructions.

Filmed by her granddaughter, Alicia looks out the window. The old lady loses her memory and appetite but still makes others laugh and smile.

Paolina has big teeth. Is it a hang-up, handed down through generations? Or could it simply be that big teeth mean big smiles?