"99 is a great opportunity
to gain experience
and work on beautiful projects."

— Professor Laura Ramírez, Translation and Interpreting,
Rutgers University

Join our translators

99 brings together an international community of volunteer translators. Together, we can expand our reach and keep working towards our mission: democratizing nonfiction films around the world.

We are looking for speakers of English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified & traditional), Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Italian.

Profile: translation & interpretation students, multilingual journalists, professional translators. Volunteer translators should be fluently bilingual in both source and target languages.

  • Receive regular updates to know about our ongoing subtitling projects throughout the year.
  • Translate subtitles through the app/software of your choice or through Amara.
  • Get credited for your contribution.

Would you like to join us? Your contribution would make a huge difference, ensuring our films are accessible to everyone who uses the languages offered on 99.

Special thanks

Escarlata Sánchez
Lena Roche
Nuno Prudêncio
Adrian Lancashire
Diego Giuliani
Olfa Rafrafi
Han Jiang
Elena Sugrobova
Tuba Gültekin

Cyrine Alaya
Miguelle Khattar Abi Nader
Randa Abou Chacra
Dulce Dias
Camilla Sartorio
Elena García Martínez
Eva Ortiz Matute
Laura Servera Llinás
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Jaime Cerqueira
Jodie Clifford
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Vanessa Eletto
Virginia Monti
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Seamus Kearney
Amy Chung
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Océane Cornevin
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Mara Logaldo

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