“A carefully curated selection of short docs

from around the world

sweeping down into extraordinary individual lives.”

— Rob Alderson, WeTransfer

99.media is a free

and not-for-profit

video platform.


99.media translates and streams docs

that otherwise would not

be seen enough, or at all.


99.media is available

in 6 languages

(and more soon).


What is your editorial policy?

99.media is a medium for the unseen, the 99% of the world’s people whom the traditional media do not show, for want of space or because they do not fit into their editorial direction.


The unseen, the unheard, the ‘in-visible’ are you and us, those who are off-screen, not featured, forgotten.


We want to capture the image of our world outside the usual camera viewfinder, because there are so many real-world stories there.


What we show, above all, are relevant, singular, moving documentaries which grab you, which get you talking. We place the stress on humanity, on the people who make up the world today, or who influenced yesterday’s world.

Who are 99.media?

A European and North American team with several languages among us, with a passion for documentaries.

We include filmmakers, journalists, translators and legal experts specialising in audiovisual media.

We all are volunteers.

Why have 99.media?

This medium responds to two demands:


  • First to those of the public. Festivals dedicated to documentaries around the world prove they hold continuing appeal, but oddly, in many countries, broadcast time for documentaries is being reduced. This is why we want to propose documentaries of quality to a broad public, through the Internet, in viewers’ own first languages.


  • Equally important, 99.media responds to the demands of filmmakers, since 99.media is intended as a tool for them. Many creators have superb films gathering dust in a drawer somewhere, or that are online but not being watched. We can adapt them in six languages to make them massively visible.
Why is 99.media not-for-profit, and free?

Internet changes everything. We are watching television less and less, while watching more and more videos – via Internet. That’s where we’re going. That’s where we meet. But not with any old junk. The videos we share are quality documentaries produced and translated by professionals.


Ads online driving you crazy? Same goes for us. 99.media carries no advertising. Our bet is that quality will find other ways – independent ways – to fund worthwhile content.


Taking the free and not-for-profit route, we’re betting on you. We know it is satisfying to participate in positive and constructive things. And that when you appreciate things, you’ll tell your friends or give us a hand.

Why 6 languages?

We believe that our films have a universal reach and should be available to be seen by the most people possible.

With six languages, which are the first languages of each of our translator-contributors, we want to reach millions of people – potentially half the people on the planet. We’ll be adding more languages to 99.media soon: Russian, Chinese, Turkish and Arabic.

How can I help?

Talk about 99.media! Spread the word, share our videos, like us, tweet about us, sign up for our newsletter.

You can also help get things going with a donation.




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