Ivy was meant to be a woman. She’s felt this way since she was a child and did everything in her power to become one but why is it so hard for Ivy to accept her transition, her new body? It’s a question she struggles with in this intimate film about her journey from being a man to a woman.

Since coming out at 24, Ivy was always sure about her decisions until a medical trip to Thailand triggered unexpected doubt. She talks about love, loss and reluctant acceptance in this beautiful narrative about her courageous and life-altering decisions to transform into who she wanted to be.

Director: Sara Samsøe
Producers: Sara Samsøe & Sandra Vinge
DOP: João Botelho
Editor: Ogi Curcic
2nd Camera: Victor Knötzel & Kamil Franko
Grading: Victor Knötzel
Hair: Salli Anderschou
Make-Up: Pil Brøndum Gad
Still Photographer: Balder Skånstrøm-Bo
Music: Unkwon & João Botelho
Sound: Nis Nørgaard
Special Thanks: Ivy S. Rosenauer, Morten Grubak & Freezone Sound Studio

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