“The Adventure” is the name used by African migrants setting out on the Journey to Europe. Three young men from Ivory Coast entered Europe illegally crossing the Greek-Turkish border. They want to continue westward but European Union rules require them to stay in the country where they first set foot in the EU: Greece.


Filmed over the space of a year, “The Adventure” follows the protagonists living in Athens, their obsession with leaving, and the need for money and luck.

  • Director: Grégory Lassalle
  • Video Editor: Luc Plantier
  • Sound: Manolis Makridakis
  • Sound Editor: Clément Chauvelle / Brodkast
  • Colour Grading: Jean Coudsi
  • Subtitles: Escarlata Sánchez, Lena Roche, Nuno Prudêncio, Diego Giuliani & Adrian Lancashire


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