“A carefully curated selection
of short documentaries
from around the world
swooping down
into extraordinary individual lives.”


99 is a free and not-for-profit project


99 subtitles short documentary films that otherwise would not be seen enough, or at all


99 is available in 10 languages (and more soon)

Ivy is a young Swedish man who shows us who he really is: a woman.

Olga is a Russian dancer who lives and breathes ballet.

Loss is an Ivorian migrant who, putting home behind him, tries to cross Europe.

These stories – true stories – are unpacked right here, in three short documentaries on 99.media.

99 shares and screens short documentaries for free, subtitled in 10 languages:
English, Arabic, Spanish, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, French, Portuguese, German, Italian and Polish, thanks to our exceptional translation community.

What drives us? We believe that a film can change our vision of the world. We have faith, too, in the transformative power of documentaries: they inspire empathy and understanding around issues such as climate change, the elderly, LGBT communities, migration, disabilities – and much more. Just as importantly, they enthral us, entertain us, make us laugh.

And since true stories are played out in our daily lives – in your life – we do it for that reason too. Because true stories connect us. And because, after all, 99% of our DNA is the same as everyone else’s.

We also organise in-person screenings across the globe, in cinemas, cultural centres, universities, schools, NGOs, libraries, jails… Here, seeds of debate are sown, feelings shared, and change brought about.

Looking forward, we aspire to offer films subtitled in three extra languages: Ukrainian, Swahili and Turkish. Three languages that will allow us to reach new audiences and to move a step closer to each other.

👋 To do this, we need you.

“By contributing
I am able to play my small part
and help these stories to be shared
and seen all over the world.”

— Andy Neale, Salisbury, UK

Iris Zaki | 99.media
Iris Zaki


“I love 99! Because, essentially, I believe that language is a barrier. When you read things in your own language, your mind, and your heart, are more receptive to the content.”

Jenny Gao | 99.media
Jenny Gao


“It’s an honour to be featured on 99 and to have my short documentary film translated into so many languages.”
Rishi Chandna | 99.media
Rishi Chandna


“A short documentary is definitely an art form, so I would say: long live short documentaries! And a full salute to 99 for helping filmmakers reach new audiences.”

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