First Films

Six films by first-time filmmakers
showcasing new-generation short documentaries

Running time: 65 minutes

As a 10-year-old growing up in Africa, Rob-Jan, the son of European parents, never thought he would have to say goodbye.

Former Zaire, 10 minutes
Directed by Rob-Jan Lacombe

A prayer for a ‘Bright Future.’ Rose whispers a prayer for little Angela, who is turning six, that she will grow up happy in Belgium.

Belgium, 13 minutes

Directed by Niels Devlieghere

A Mexican paramedic and his relationship with death. A duel between the adrenaline when he turns on the siren and the emotional weariness from being the witness of countless tragedies.

Mexico, 9 minutes

Directed by Miguel López Valdivia

Confined to bed, 96-year-old Alicia is nearing the end of her life. Along with her appetite, she’s even lost her taste for desserts. But not her wit, surrounded by her loved ones.

Spain, 7 minutes

Directed by Alicia Moncholí

Martha talks about sometimes having no one to hang out with. She lives in the Inuit village of Aupaluk, population 200, in Nunavik. It’s a long wait for spring, on the edge of a frozen bay.

Quebec, 16 minutes

Directed by Sarah Baril Gaudet

Dorota is a Polish bodybuilding legend. What do strength and beauty mean to her?
Does bodybuilding equal giving up your femininity?

Poland, 7 minutes

Directed by Olo Pawluczuk

In breathless silence, freediver Tolga Taskin dares flirt with mermaids deep in mountain lakes.

Germany, 10 minutes
Directed by Bo Clausen

Interactive screenings

If you opt for an interactive screening, your film package will include a video introduction by Seamus, a journalist from the 99 team

Seamus |

Seamus explains the ‘mechanics’ of interactive screenings: between each film, audience members have 30 seconds to give feedback via their mobile. At the end, the audience votes for their favourite.

→ If you have network connectivity issues, a self-print paper version is available to hand out at the start.

A ready-to-go screening package

Before your screening you will receive:

  • your chosen film package subtitled in English (MP4 or DCP)
  • a full promotional kit (trailers, photos, film summaries…)
  • a printable PDF for paper-based interactive screenings.