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Dorota Jadczak is a Polish legend of bodybuilding.
“The Strongwoman” touches upon the ideal and stereotypes of femininity.
Why has Dorota decided to practice a sport commonly perceived as masculine?
Does bodybuilding equal giving up your femininity?
What is strength to her, and what is beauty?
Why is she unable to pass indifferently by the mirror?
How much one needs to sacrifice in order to achieve perfection?

  • Director: Olo Pawluczuk
  • Photography: Maciej Kukulski
  • Editor: Kuba Tomaszewicz
  • Sound: Mikołaj Kaczmarczyk, Łukasz Ziółek, Tomasz Bargieł
  • Sound post-processing: Kamil Sajewicz
  • Translation: Escarlata Sánchez, Lena Roche, Nuno Prudêncio, Diego Giuliani, Adrian Lancashire, Jérôme Plan


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