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Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain…
Five true stories from the Spanish-speaking world

Running time: 44 minutes

In Juchitán in southern Mexico, members of the Muxes community relate how their ‘third gender’ sexual identity has attained a modern maturity, embedded in their ancient language.

Mexico, 9 minutes

Directed by Ivan Olita

Confined to bed, 96-year-old Alicia is nearing the end of her life. Along with her appetite, she’s even lost her taste for desserts. But not her wit, surrounded by her loved ones.

Spain, 7 minutes

Directed by Alicia Moncholí

Cristian remembers the stars in the sky before he went blind as a child.
Now he reaches for them as a Paralympic champion.

Chile, 5 minutes

Directed by Douglas Bernardt et Filipe Zapelini

A Mexican paramedic and his relationship with death. A duel between the adrenaline when he turns on the siren and the emotional weariness from being the witness of countless tragedies.

Mexico, 8 minutes

Directed by Miguel López Valdivia

Maria is upholding a thirty-year tradition of counting pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella. Despite encountering some difficult wayfarers, Maria nobly continues her task.

Spain, 15 minutes

Directed by Anne Milne

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