Once rejected, today valued.
In an indigenous town in southern Mexico, members of the Muxes community relate how their ‘third gender’ sexual identity has attained a modern maturity, embedded in their ancient language.
Today they express it freely —uniquely— in a country with an otherwise macho reputation.
  • Directed by Ivan Olita
  • Photography: Luigi Martinucci
  • Artistic direction: Davide Di Teodoro
  • Executive producer: Andre Bato (Bravó)
  • Production: Paulina Salas, Juan Robles, Michael Matus
  • Original score: JEAN
  • Sound: Gustavo Mora, Jose Velasco
  • Colorist: Roy Sun
  • Adaptation: Adrian Lancashire, Lena Roche, Nuno Prudêncio, Diego Giuliani & Jérôme Plan


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