A Women’s World

Martha, Denise, Olga, Chunli…
Seven global portraits of women

Running time: 68 minutes

Chunli is a table tennis champion. Nearing 60, she dreams of winning an Olympic gold medal for New Zealand. But is it too late?

New Zealand, 8 minutes

Directed by Jenny Gao

Dorota is a Polish bodybuilding legend. What do strength and beauty mean to her? Why has she decided to practice a sport commonly perceived as masculine?

Poland, 7 minutes

Directed by Olo Pawluczuk

“What is a man? What is a woman?” Ivy takes us on a candid journey about the difficult choices you face in becoming who you are meant to be.

Sweden, 9 minutes

Directed by Sara Samsøe

Even in her sleep, the ballet haunts Olga Smirnova. But you’ll understand why she’s a prodigy: No one is left unmoved after watching her dance.

Russia, 8 minutes
Directed by Michael Sugrue

Martha talks about sometimes having no one to hang out with. She lives in the Inuit village of Aupaluk, population 200, in Nunavik. It’s a long wait for spring, on the edge of a frozen bay.

Quebec, 16 minutes

Directed by Sarah Baril Gaudet

Around and around and around she goes…
Denise escapes reality on a fairground ride.

Austria, 5 minutes
Directed by Bernhard Wenger

Maria is upholding a thirty-year tradition of counting pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella. Despite encountering some difficult wayfarers, Maria nobly continues her task.

Spain, 15 minutes

Directed by Anne Milne

Interactive screenings

If you opt for an interactive screening, your film package will include a video introduction by Seamus, a journalist from the 99 team

Seamus | 99.media

Seamus explains the ‘mechanics’ of interactive screenings: between each film, audience members have 30 seconds to give feedback via their mobile. At the end, the audience votes for their favourite.

→ If you have network connectivity issues, a self-print paper version is available to hand out at the start.

A ready-to-go screening package

Before your screening you will receive:

  • your chosen film package subtitled in English (MP4 or DCP)
  • a full promotional kit (trailers, photos, film summaries…)
  • a printable PDF for paper-based interactive screenings.