A Women’s World

Martha, Denise, Olga, Chunli…
Seven global portraits of women

Running time: 68 minutes

Chunli is a table tennis champion. Nearing 60, she dreams of winning an Olympic gold medal for New Zealand. But is it too late?

New Zealand, 8 minutes

Directed by Jenny Gao

Dorota is a Polish bodybuilding legend. What do strength and beauty mean to her? Why has she decided to practice a sport commonly perceived as masculine?

Poland, 7 minutes
Directed by Olo Pawluczuk

“What is a man? What is a woman?” Ivy takes us on a candid journey about the difficult choices you face in becoming who you are meant to be.

Sweden, 9 minutes

Directed by Sara Samsøe

Even in her sleep, the ballet haunts Olga Smirnova. But you’ll understand why she’s a prodigy: No one is left unmoved after watching her dance.

Russia, 8 minutes
Directed by Michael Sugrue

Martha talks about sometimes having no one to hang out with. She lives in the Inuit village of Aupaluk, population 200, in Nunavik. It’s a long wait for spring, on the edge of a frozen bay.

Quebec, 16 minutes

Directed by Sarah Baril Gaudet

Around and around and around she goes…
Denise escapes reality on a fairground ride.

Austria, 5 minutes
Directed by Bernhard Wenger

Maria is upholding a thirty-year tradition of counting pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella. Despite encountering some difficult wayfarers, Maria nobly continues her task.

Spain, 15 minutes

Directed by Anne Milne

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