In Exile

They left everything in search of a better life
Four films that foreground immigration

Running time: 56 minutes

They kiss the ground where human life is valued. Syrians on the threshold of Europe
lift the curtain on loves and lives lost forever.

Syria/Greece, 20 minutes

Directed by Matthew Kazuo Firpo

Two migrants who dream of Australia are illegally detained on a small island of Papua New Guinea. They tell their confinement and their broken dreams.

Australia, 14 minutes

Directed by Lukas Schrank

With their loved ones depending on them, three men from Romania try to survive on London’s streets by creating melancholic sand sculptures.

United Kingdom, 13 minutes
Directed by Tal Amiran

Mamadou left Ivory Coast behind him, crossed the Sahara and Mediterranean, lost friends along the way. Now an unofficial refugee in France, he scrapes by on odd jobs. He plays football, and dances, to forget.

France, 9 minutes
Directed by Loïc Phil

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