Mark Goffeney shares far more than music.

The guitarist from San Diego has a singular talent, playing like no other, it’s fair to say. Fun and friendly.

You don’t have to be a rock or blues fan to be rivetted by his tale about ‘chasing a fantasy dream.

Directed by Ross Harris & Stanley Gonzales
Subtitles: Escarlata Sánchez, Lena Roche, Diego Giuliani, Nuno Prudêncio & Jérôme Plan


Stanley Gonzales

“We have to shoot this guy!
People need to know about him!”
  • How did this project start?


The project started after we released a doc called “Drummer Wanted“, the story of Dean Zimmer, a physically challenged drummer. I take Dean to the NAMM show every year and he speaks on behalf of physically and mentally challenged musicians internationally, through a group called Cando Musos. That’s where I met Mark and he blew my mind.


He was a rock star and I knew it by the way he played the guitar, the way he held himself and the way he commanded the room. I called Ross immediately and said, “We have to shoot this guy! People need to know about him!”. He, like Dean is an incredibly inspiring human being. After all, that’s the whole reason for these videos. Ross and I continue to hear how these videos have made people all over the world think about who they are and what is possible.


  • How did the production go?


We shot this in Santee and San Diego in California where Mark resides. The weather was brutally hot! We shot the interviews in his house, in his living room where the air conditioner was located. All the driving and busking was at night which was still close to 100 degrees [38°C] and sweltering.


We didn’t have much time to spend on it because of costs and other obligations so we try to finish shooting in a few days. Ross and I do these videos completely out of pocket and when completed, we give them all the rights to the videos to do as they wish.

Cordes sensibles |
  • Your film is brilliant in its simplicity. It’s funny and touching without any added music, without any video effects, without slow motion…

Mark is an excellent speaker but when you see him in his day to day life and play the way he does, the simple picture is worth a thousand words. We think the story speaks for itself. We all have preconceived ideas about who and what people are, but these kinds of films are perspective shifters. They can make you examine the way you think about others and yourself.

  • Are you still in touch with Mark?

Last we heard from Mark, he was playing big arenas with a band called MANA. They would feature Mark on a couple of songs in sold out performances, receiving standing ovations. Also, due to this video and Dean’s, they were asked to be in an international commercial spot for the 2012 Olympics that was filmed in England called “The SuperHumans”. They recorded in Abbey Road Studios and the commercial was incredible. This makes me realize I better give Mark a call!


  • A word about 99 and the multilingual subtitling of your film?

We are very grateful to 99 for giving us the opportunity for people internationally to experience our films. Thanks to you, we now have a global audience.

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