Through home-movies discovered at my grandparents’ home in Bordeaux, I recount my childhood in Mandima, a little village in northeast Zaire, where I was born.

Starting with a panoramic still of the great departure, I observe and recall those first ten years of that young boy who would, one fine day, have to leave for the city, for high school.

He leaves behind his friends and a whole way of life. That life, his thinking and his codes, are to be learned anew.

  • Directed & Written by Robert-Jan Lacombe
  • Production: École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne
  • Sound Mix: Jérôme Cuendet
  • Subtitles: Escarlata Sánchez, Lena Roche, Diego Giuliani, Nuno Prudêncio & Adrian Lancashire


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