Connected via wireless intercom, Krzysztof and Wiola fly together down ski runs. But there’s no room for casual chat as they twist and turn. Krzysztof is blind and relies on his wife’s instructions.

“Left, right, right, left…”.

Between two descents, sandwiched on a ski lift, banter flies back and forth between these ‘love birds’. It’s the kind of daily chatter that we all recognise, but the couple’s senses heighten in lockstep with altitude.

Wiola’s sight is diminishing with age and this frays her nerves. As the ‘eyes’ of her husband on these snowy slopes, for how much longer can she steer him to safety?

Directed by Aleksandra Maciejczyk
Director of photography: Maciej Edelman
Additional camera: Michał Modlinger
Editing: Sabina Filipowicz, Kamil Grzybowski
Sound: Paweł Idzikowski, Julia Wesołek, Rafał Nowak
Production: Marta Gmosińska, Michał Fronc
Translation: Dominika Amielańczyk, Jodie Clifford

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